Membership to HDTC is available to anyone who has completed our Beginner’s Course or who has completed eight (8) weeks of drop-in training.  Applications are given to beginners at graduation.  Drop-ins can contact any of the club’s Board of Directors to request an application.  You will be considered a member upon receipt of your check.  Past members who have been inactive for a period of time, may be reinstated by sponsorship of two (2) Members in Good Standing who have past knowledge of them.  They are not required to complete the drop-in period.  They will fill out a membership application form and obtain two (2) signatures.  The Board will then consider the Application.  Membership dues are payable during the month of January.  
A dues invoice and renewal application will be sent to all existing members during the month of December. 
The yearly dues are $150.00. 
This fee includes all training during that year.  In order to remain a member in good standing members are required to attend a minimum of two (2) meetings per year and work two full day events.  Half day events will require the member to work four (4) events such as the Show & Goes.