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Novice Class
Dogs in the novice class practice basic Heeling including the Figure 8.
rules are explained. Varying attention games are demonstrated and their purpose explained. Dogs also practice the Stand for Exam and Recall. All dogs work on a 3 minute sit stay and a 5 minute down stay. The beginnings of some open and utility exercises are started in the novice class.

Open & Utility Classes
More emphasis is placed on the handler’s job in the open and utility classes.
Games and motivational training methods are explained and demonstrated. Every handler is encouraged to know the training method they used to teach each advanced exercise. This is the foundation for an exercise where the handler can return if performance problems arise. Multiple ways to motivate and proof each individual exercise are demonstrated. Varying training methods are utilized according to what a particular handler wants to do or what a particular dog needs to do to succeed.

Our Competition Obedience Classes

Carol Lovely McCarthy began competitive obedience training in 1989 with
Basset Hounds and a Miniature Poodle. She has competed in the higher levels of
obedience with her Golden Retriever, Dreamer, and has obtained titles in
obedience, rally and agility on all her dogs.
Over the years she has attended numerous competitive obedience seminars with
Terri Arnold, Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan, Celeste Meade, Connie
Cleveland, and Patty Ruzzo. She has attended clicker training seminars with
Karen Pryor and Susan Garrett, and numerous workshops on such subjects as
jumping, attention, tracking, agility, and aggression.
Carol’s training methods lead to a dog who is enthusiastic, accurate and
controlled. Carol’s greatest joy in teaching is being able to help a dog get back
to a place where he can once again be enthusiastic about obedience work. Carol
believes the most important ingredient in training a dog is play, followed by
control, sincere praise, and random food rewards based on the dog’s performance.

Competition Obedience Classes are offered every Monday night at the K-9 Jym. Novice starts at 8 PM.  With Open and Utility following.

You may start any week.  There is no charge for  Hilltown Dog Training Club members. Drop-in fee for non-members is $10.

Class is held on Monday nights at K-9 Gym in Colmar.

Novice starts at 8 PM with Open and Utility to follow.  Many members work 2 different dogs in different levels in one night!

Class is on a rolling basis.  You may join anytime.

Class is a part of Hilltown membership.

There is a $10. drop-in fee for non-members.

Our Instructor  Carol McCarthy

Competition Obedience Class